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Student Clubs

There are many student-interest clubs at Aptos Middle School, encompassing a wide range of interests and goals that represent the diversity and versatility of the student body. Clubs are subject to change each school year dependent on student interest and participation.  Please confirm with the club sponsor current meeting times and locations.


Below are the clubs for the 2016-2017 SY. 



  Description Meeting Spot Meeting Date/Time Sponsor
Stage Crew/Theater Tech

Stage Crew (Theater Tech) will continue to meet for its 36th straight year. Students learn about and run all aspects of the theater, including lighting, sound, sets, and rigging, as well as maintain and repair the entire theater complex. We operate the theater for all assemblies, concerts, drama productions, or other performances. Students who take part should have respect for and be dedicated to the theater


Auditorium Daily; 3:40 to 5 PM Russell Addiego
La Raza Exploring Hispanic heritage/culture/history. Student will participate in community projects throughout their involvement. Rm 304 Every other Friday@ Lunch Omar Reza & Fernando Bautista
Game Club

Come hang out in the wellness center with your friends, meet new friends and play board games Mondays at lunch in Room 342. (12 students max)


Room 342 Monday @ Lunch Jason Gee
Community Service Club

A good citizen's club earning volunteer hours (at least 50 hours) in and out of campus during the school year. Graduating 8th graders get to wear a stole at graduation.


Room 229 Third Thursday of the month; 8:35 AM Eric Pascual
Film Club

The film club focuses on different genres of films from around the world and offers opportunities for students to enjoy and explore cultures, history, and the art of story-telling through film. We will view the films through a critical lens and discuss their messages and meaning.


Room 305 Thursday @ Lunch Yi Kuan Lee
Chess Club

Join Aptos' Incredible Chess Masters. Intense Competition, Strategy, Sharpening of Thought Process, Improvement of Math/Spatial Skills, Improvement of Sportsmanship/Social Skills…No Whining


Room 324 Everyday @ Lunch Claude Clermont (Mr. C)
Doctor Who Club

Come in to watch Doctor Who and create fan art. Discover the different dimensions, galaxies, aliens, and technology of Doctor Who. Celebrate this 53 year-old show with fellow Whovians! All species welcome (no Daleks) ! Bring your fezzes and sonic screwdrivers!


Room 232 Thursday @ Lunch James Stewart
Polynesian Club

Students will experience Polynesian cultures (including Hawaiian, Samoan, and Tahitian) through dance, language, music, and cultural activities. The Polynesian Club also performs at school-wide assemblies and events.


Room 326 Wednesday @ Lunch Ramona McGary & Brad Ladera
Wrestling Club Students will learn the ancient art of wrestling. Come channel your physical, social, and emotional energies into a positive and healthy experience. North Gym Afterschool Tuesday/Thursday @ 3:45-5 PM Jason Hannon & David Arnold
Gay Straight Alliance

A student-run club which provides a safe place for students to meet, support and celebrate everyone's qualities. Students will discuss issues related to identity and expression, and work to end negative stereotypes. All members will participates in school wide events.


Room 230 Wednesday @ Lunch Thomas Fulwiler
Go Club

Learn how to play an ancient Japanese strategy game while reading the manga series


Room 104 Tuesday @ Lunch Travis Wildgrube
Writer's/Bookmakers Club

Come write with other interested writers and wannabe authors & bookmakers. We will use all the tools that writers use: online writing programs, typewriters, paper/pen, ink, etc..


Library Tuesday @ Lunch Lisa Bishop
Book Club

Last Wednesday of the month we will meet and discuss our book!
(Our first book will be Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier, Aptos Alum) Starting date right after the book fair when we can purchase the books!


Library 1x/month on Wednesday Lisa Bishop
Dragon Boat Club

Come join an existing youth organization to paddle with Dragon Boat Club. With other Aptos and local middle school students, learn the sport of dragon boat racing through training, fitness, practice and races. Beginners are welcome. Meetings will be held off campus on weekends. Please see Mr. Quan in Room 006 for more information.


Room 6 Dragon Boat is seasonal. It doesn't start until February.
Alexander Quan
Girls' Hip Hop Team Interested in dance? Want to join Aptos' girls dance crew and perform at assemblies and around the city? Room 326 Tuesday & Thursday @ Lunch Jacqueline Vu and guest teacher Shonna Chiles
Makers Club

Open to 20 kids. They will need to have their parents sign a waiver of risk, and may not participate if they have effectively been banned from the MakerLab


Room 329 Afterschool Thursday beginning Sept 22 Matt Chapman
United Gamers Club TBA Room 304 Tuesday @ Lunch Fernando Bautista
AVID club

Learn strategies to achieve college and career success starting now and into the future


Room 102 Thursday @ Lunch Brad Ladera
Black Student Union (BSU) Students will learn about African American culture and traditions, and have the opportunity to participate in cultural presentations and events. Room 330 1st and 3rd Tues @ lunch Ramona McGary & Tayla Huntley
Skateboard Club Helmet required. Lower Yard Friday @ Lunch Olivia Leung & parent volunteer
Magic the Gathering Come play magic the gathering. Library Friday @ Lunch Lisa Bishop

Come join Mark and other students who want to make new friends, learn what interesting things there are to do as a middle schooler here in SF over the weekend and plan to meet up some weekends to go to fun events.


Library Friday @ Lunch Mark Freeman & Lisa Bishop
Arab Muslim Student Association (AMSA)

A student club for those interested in learning more about their Arab and/or Muslim peers at Aptos! Students will be working on projects to educate the Aptos community about Arab and or Muslim-American identity. All are welcome! (12-15 max)


Room 342 Thursday @ Lunch Jason Gee
Jazz Band A fun way to tune up your skills, be a part of a music band, and perform in various school functions and other events in the city. Band Room Tuesday and Thursday Morning (8-9 AM) Cyrus Esteban
90s hip hop club

Weekly Tuesday meeting for students interested in Hip-Hop culture and the arts. We will go through the four elements of Hip-Hop (Breakdancing, Graffiti, Djing and Rapping) and have a lot of fun while doing it! There will be guest presenters, workshops, live exhibitions and more! (12-15 Max)


Room 342 Tuesday @ Lunch Jason Gee
        updated as of 09/09/2016