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YMCA After-School Program

Erich Wieland, Site Coordinator

My name is Erich K. Wieland and I am the new Site Coordinator for the Aptos MS YMCA program. I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but have lived in Alaska, Utah, and Arizona before moving to San Francisco. I have a MA in Education with an emphasis on Experiential Learning and two BA's in Adventure Education and Environmental Studies. I have traveled to nearly 70 countries on multiple world trips.

Miguel Rahiotis, Assistant Site Coordinator

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My name is Miguel Rahiotis and I am the Assistant Site Coordinator for the Aptos Afterschool Program. I am originally from the Imperial Valley in Southern California. I graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Liberal Studies and have been involved with education and team building every step of the way since then.  I look forward to better serving the community that I reside in as well as helping to create a better world one student at a time.

Melissa, Program Leader

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I am very excited to be a Program Leader this year. As a native to the Bay Area and former YMCA ASP Student myself, I fell in love with community development at a very early age. Inspired by the benefits of youth counseling, I quickly developed a deep passion for youth development and advocacy. This resolve stuck with me through college, leading me to get my BA in Political Science with a focus on social change from San Francisco State University. I am happy spending this school year collaborating with the youth to help them explore their skills and keep San Francisco an amazing place to live!

Will Peterson, Program Leader

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My name is Will Peterson. I have been working at Aptos for the past 3 years in the After School Program as a Program Leader. I'm from Richmond, California and I graduated from SFSU with a BA in Anthropology. I enjoy sports and I'm a lifelong Packer fan, Go Pack Go.

Stephen Eguilos, Program Leader

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My name is Stephen Eguilos and I am a After School Program Leader at Aptos Middle School. I have been working for the Y since 2009 and have been here at Aptos for about 4 years. When I am not at Aptos, you can probably find me at a park playing some hoops or hanging out with my wife and my two sons! One interesting/weird fact about me: I am the only person in the world who can't snap his fingers!

Brittany Sofa, Program Leader

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My name is Brittany Sofa and I am a Program Leader at Aptos Middle School. This is my fourth year working at this site and I've enjoyed interacting and creating relationships with the students.  I graduated from SFSU with my BA.  I love arts and crafts as well as teaching others how to cook because food is always a good thing to learn about.  

Nav Dabb, Program Leader

My name is Nav Dabb and I am a Program Leader at Aptos Middle School.  I am currently attending SF State and working towards a marketing and business degree.  I love listening to music and come up with really clever ways of presenting ideas to others.  I'm also a huge music lover and I haven't come across a hip hop beat I haven't liked. Guaranteed.


Dear Aptos Families,


The Aptos YMCA After School Program is a collaborative ExCEL Program offered by Aptos Middle School, the Stonestown Family YMCA, SFUSD, and the S.F. Department of Children, Youth and their Families. Our program provides academic assistance, recreational activities, program enrichment and youth development.


The Aptos YMCA After School staff provides a safe and structured environment for Aptos students to learn and have fun. Students are expected to attend a minimum of 3 days per week and be prepared to work on assignments, engage in enrichment and recreation activities and have fun!


Our daily schedule includes 1 hour of homework help and 1 hour of enrichment classes (activities vary and change every 6-8 weeks). For more information, go to, under "Students" you’ll see “YMCA After School Program”


Please note: This is NOT a homework completion program, nor is this a drop-in program. This is an enrichment program. The Aptos YMCA  After School Program will begin August 15th, 2016. All students are to report to the cafeteria for sign-in immediately after school. The program will run until Friday, May 26th and will be closed during all school holidays, professional development days and breaks. Hours of operations are Monday-Friday from 3:30pm - 6:30pm on regular school days and from 2:30pm-6:30pm on early release days. Pick up time is from 6:00pm to 6:30pm. Program doors close at 6:30pm, it’s extremely important you pick up your child between 6:00pm-6:30pm.



Erich Wieland 

After-School Site Coordinator 

Aptos Middle School 

Stonestown Family YMCA | (415) 760-4440 | 



  1. Pick up an application in the front desk at Aptos Middle School or download, print a copy on; go to “students” under “YMCA After School Program” or click below

  2. Return physical copy to front desk of Aptos Middle School


If you need financial support please return application as early as you can, ideally April 30 to Aptos. If you do not need financial assistance please turn in the application by May 20, to the front office of Aptos Middle School.  For more information contact the Site Coordinator for the Aptos ASP at or leave a message at (415) 760-4440.



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2017-18 Aptos_Chinese.pdf

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Greetings Aptos Family!

Thank you for being involved in the Aptos After-School Program and for your patience as I get to know the school culture. I wanted to communicate what is offered in our program. Our program is split into two components: homework help and enrichments.

Homework help is lead for our After-School Program (ASP) staff and 5 teachers for an hour. This is not a homework completion program so it is highly encouraged you talk to your students about taking advantage of our homework help hour. We try our best to support them in this area.

Enrichments are activities that the ASP staff lead that usually switch up every 6 weeks. This hour involves anything from STEAM research class, Sports, Arts& Crafts or cooking.  

Each student is assigned to a Homework Help tutor room for the whole school year.

I will communicate details of our enrichments and other opportunities as they are finalized.

If you need more information, have questions or concerns, please feel free to communicate to me.

Thank you,

Erich Wieland

Aptos ASP Site Coordinator