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8th Grade Information

High School: Next Steps...

  • Register your child to their assigned high school by Friday, April 21st. Bring your placement letter with you.
  • If you would like to re-apply through Round 2, fill out the Amended Application form with your preferred high school choices and submit it to the Educational Placement Center at 555 Franklin by Friday, April 21st.

World Language Test Results

The World Language Test results have been distributed in Advisory on Wed. 4/5/17 to indicate what level language students have been placed to in high school. Please keep the results for your reference in scheduling for high school. Results are also given to high school counselors. For more information, contact Ms. Vu.

8th Grade Dates to Remember

Thursday, May 18: 8th Grade Picnic 9AM-5PM at Roberts Park in Oakland

Monday, May 22: 8th Grade Awards Ceremony 1st and 2nd period

Monday, May 22: 8th Grade Dance 5PM at Aptos MS

Tuesday, May 23: Promotion Rehearsal #1 1:30-3:30 PM at Balboa High School

Wednesday, May 24: Promotion Rehearsal #2 1:30-3:30 PM at Balboa High School

Thursday, May 25: 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony 9 AM at Balboa High School


*Participation in activities is based on student academic performance and behavior. Students earning 4 F's, U's on final semester report cards and/or with high level disciplinary referrals, suspensions may not be able to participate in 1 or more of the above activities

High School Open House/ Tours Info

Refer to High School Locker below to "HS Open House Info 2016-2017" attachment for most up to date list of the high schools and their respective tours/open house dates. A few schools not on the list will be updated in the next week. 


If you would like to discuss high school options for your child, please contact Jackie Vu, 8th grade counselor at or via school loop to request an appointment.


For a list of the SFUSD high school course requirements, visit:

SFUSD Academies and Pathways

Click below to explore the different career and technical pathways at SFUSD high schools. 

These pathways connect classroom learning with real-world experiences. Most programs start their Sophomore year at their high school.  These academies aim to ensure that students will understand and practice 21st century skills.  

SFUSD Academies and Pathways


High School Info Locker
5/3/17 8:51 AM

Recommendation Letters

If you are applying to privates schools, scholarships, and/or programs that require a counselor recommendation letter, please give at least 3 weeks advanced notice before the deadline. Please fill out the Recommendation Request form (available in the High School locker) and/or attach a resume to your requests.


Email, school loop requests to Jackie Vu at, or drop off paper forms to her mailbox in the main office.