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Ms. Lisa Bishop, Teacher Librarian

Glad to be your Teacher Librarian!

We are open from 8:45am-4pm. After school hours TBD.

Open during lunch break

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Important Links for Aptos

  • Library Orientation Video Scribe here

New Origami Club w/ Mr Patrick T & W Lunch

Plant Investigations


Daily in the Library Learning Commons @ Lunch

        Mondays:      Magic the Gathering/ Maker Mondays

        Tuesdays:     Origami w/ Mr. Patrick/Tinker Tuesdays

        Wednesdays:Origami w/ Mr. Patrick/ Quiet Library

        Thursdays:    Young Authors/Writer's Club- Quiet writing time   

        Fridays:         Quiet Library (rescheduled Origami Club this week)


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EVERYONE is Welcome! Open during lunch

Library Calendar

Bookmaking leads to READING and creating YOUNG AUTHORS!!

Audio Book Survey Please Take it! Help us get new Audio Books!

Scary Story Writing Challenge Oct 1-26th

Write a short, scary, suspenseful story during the month of October.

Edit it, read it at Writer's Club on Thursday Oct 18th to get feedback,

submit it to Ms. Bishop by October 26th( bishopl@sfusd.edu). Get it published in 

our annual Scary Short Story Anthology. Read it on the stage in the auditorium

on Halloween with our musicians' scary violins and cellos.

Don't be too scared!

SF Zine Festival w/ Aptos students!

Library Assistants Here to Help!

Reading happens in our Learning Commons!

Research Happens Here

We Love Typewriters!

Bookmaking Madness!